Thursday, December 01, 2005

StuporBowl 9

StuporBowl Nine.

Feb. 4th, 2006.

"...I would die 4 U..."

did you see the stops yet?

It was a chilly day, the first StuporBowl had seen in a few years, but it was by no means the bitter cold we all hope to see on this day.

We take what we can get though, and the locals were feeling like their chances were good... soon the truth would rear it's ugly head.

An amazing 225 people registered to ride, and i'm sure a few more folks tagged along, making StuporBowl 9 THE BIGGEST ALLEYCAT EVER. ANYWHERE.
Fuck yeah, eat that NYC.

A few minutes before the start time the racers were herded over to the super-secret starting spot, at Boom Island, and everyone was given their manifests and sent "le mans" style on their way. The Nordeast-ish start had definatly thrown a wrench into some peoples plans as folks raced of in every direction.

We had planned a few ugly suprises along the route, you know, just to keep the kids on their toes, like mini-manifests at two stops, and the infamous flat tire stop. As well as forcing everyone to try and count all the stars on First Ave... Ha!

Fred was once again stationed out on the ice on Lake Calhoun, which for the theme of the race was known as Lake Minnetonka for the day, and many sorry s.o.b.'s did try to turn in manifest that said Calhoun... sorry kids, better luck next time!

The race was scored by the number of checkpoints that you made it to within the time limit, with the tie-breaker being the finishing order.

I.e., if two people had the same number of stops completed who ever had showed up at the finish first would place higher.

At the finish line it was a devastating day for the locals as we gave the top THREE spots to Wisconsin!

Kevin Strode from Milwaukee took top honors, with the tag-team of brothers Marko and James in 2nd and 3rd.

The three were the only ones to finish the enitre manifest!

Top female was Minneapolis veteran Liz who finish a super strong 8th in the overall, with Katie and Jamie one stop down in 2nd and 3rd.

Minneapolis represented HUGE in the stupor side of the comp, with B-rad a clear winner for the men, and defending womens champ Meg on the womens side!

Top placed local was Matt Allen, missing only one stop, who will take the yellow Bag for Stupor Bowl for a second time!

the spoke cards were rad too. Thanks to all who helped make this event happen!

Results as folows....

preliminary results.

more soon(ish)

1st Kevin S. milwaukee
2nd Marko L. madison
3rd James L. milwakee
4th Matt Allen mpls
5th SuperRookiechicago
6th RoundTreeminneapolis (first to lose to super-rookie).
7th Leif mpls
8th Liz mpls
9th Mike Sobol mpls
10th Noah ?


1st Liz mpls
2nd Katie philly
3rd Jamie philly
4th Gwen mpls
5th Steph S. mpls

Men B-Rad

Women Meg (the only defending champ this year!)


carlos! (it was in the Sculpture Gardens).


fullhouse kings over aces

Rob S. aka Tuffy Cat 6 racing, mpls