Thursday, December 01, 2005

MBMA Cares.

You may remember our friend Tyler, who had his wheels ripped off by some total fuckball.

Well, our beautiful bike culture here in Minneapolis bound together and we found Tyler's wheels, (well actually just the rear one), we all should be very proud of ourselves!

Shit like this is what makes our scene so fucking great. In a lot of cities those wheels would be gone and no one would give a fuck.
It is seriously awesome that we have a culture here that we can accomplish shit like that.

I want to thank anyone and everyone who read the post and kept their eyes open, asked around, or even thought about what a crock of shit it is to get ripped off by another kid who thinks he's part of the same scene as you.

That being said, we are still looking for the front wheel, so let us know if you know something.


I had my Phil/DT Swiss Track Wheels stolen from 25th St and 1st Ave
on Saturday Night.

They're Phil High Flange Flip/Flop Hubs laced to
DT Swiss RR 1.1. Rims with black DT spokes. Michelin Cyclocross
tires were mounted at the point of theft as well as a Surly
Tugnut. I really want these wheels back. BAD.

I was hoping that
I'd be able to race them at the Track this next summer while getting
spanked by Matt and Spencer. [i did not add this. it's just true. -ED.]

I'll put out a $200 dollar Bounty for info leading to their
recovery. Keep your eyes peeled if you can.

Tyler "Skidsy" Denniston

Category 6 Racing Squad