Thursday, December 01, 2005


Bike Shops.

Behind Bars.

Our favorite local shop! Ask Chuck for the Messenger Discount. But only if you know the secret handshake!

One on One.

Our favorite "bike shop" to hang out and drink coffee at.

The Hub.

Our favorite shop... to... ummm... writing these sucks.

Messenger Resources.


Intn'l Messenger Info.


NYC Website.(fuck puma though...)


SF Website.


Portland messenger Website. They love us, and we love them.


I got warrants in every city except Houston...

Other Sweet Stuff.

Smithers Minneapolis.

Smart cycling news and politics. (Holy shit, it can be done).

e-rock has a website!

if you don't know, find out quick.

The Gold One.

You just can't fuck with Minnesota.

The MCF.

Minnesota Cycling.

Wanna Race? Go here.

The NSC Velodrome.

Think you're fast? Prove it.

(Yeah, I'm talking to you Team Puma).


Cars indeed are Coffins..

You might think that you are too cool, but you're not.
Visit C-R-C now.

trackstar NYC

you will drool.

Cat Six Racing

Cat six is the peoples racing team. For real.