Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Getting work.

So you wanna make a go at being a "tag-junkie", do ya?

Well rookie, you could start by calling every courier company in the yellowpages.

Good fucking luck.

All those companies get many, many calls
every day.

I suggest growing a spine, and riding your crappy-ass single speed racer downtown and talking to the couriers you see there.

BUT WAIT! Don't harass me when I'm working! Don't accost me when I am hustling out of the IDS, at 4:56 trying to get some bullshit filing to USDC by 5:00.

Just chill out, act normal, and make friends. Best way to get a job... referal. There are very few jobs available, and you can't have mine.

Maybe I sound like a dick, but that's just because I am... and cause you are just a pose-enger.