Saturday, January 31, 2004

StuporBowl 7

Stupor Bowl VII

Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA

January 31, 2004

It was a cold day. But to the locals, it felt like a heat wave.

Race Day came on the tail end of a serious Alberta clipper, the most vicious cold snap we've seen in five years. With temperatures predicted to soar into the high teens, the locals faced a welcome break from the -44 wind chills they had seen only one day prior. A medium dusting of snow was also on the forecast, promising to make things interesting for everybody.

Seventy-three registrants huddled at the starting line. Some did jumping jacks to stay warm, others stood still, letting the pre-race butterflies do the work. Everyone knew that there was no defending champion. This year, the playing field was even. This year, it was anyone's race.

2004 saw the return of the Stupor Champ title, handed out to the first racer to finish who has a drink at every stop. A coveted title, to be sure.

The stops:

Start: The Bench above Lasalle on the Loring Greenway
Bryant-Lake Bowl 810 W Lake St
Bullwinkle's 1429 Washington Ave S
Country Bar and Grill 3006 Lyndale Ave S
Grumpy's Bar (Northeast) 2200 NE 4th ST
Grumpy's Bar and Grill (Downtown) 1111 Washington Ave S
Lee's 101 Glenwood Ave
Lyle's Bar and Restaurant 2021 Hennepin Ave S
Mayslack's Polka Lounge 1428 NE 4th St
Pizza Luce (Downtown) 119 N 4th St
Skyway Lounge 725 Hennepin Avenue
Terminal Bar 409 East Hennepin Ave
Finish: The Triple Rock 629 Cedar Ave S

The Final Standings:

Open division
1. Matt Allen Minneapolis First Fixie
2. Mike Brauer Minneapolis First Civilian
3. Tim Hayes Minneapolis
4. John Swanson Minneapolis
5. Martin Minneapolis
6. Spencer Haugh Milwaukee
7. Adam Clark Chicago First Out-of-towner
8. Andy Larson Minneapolis
9. Hurl Minneapolis
10. Steve Rowntree Chicago
11. Nick Bohrer Minneapolis
12. Amy Campbell Minneapolis First Woman
13. Gabe Flowers Milwaukee
14. Brent Olds Chicago
15. Michael Sobol Mpls/Colorado
16. Damien Tank Minneapolis
17. Sven Minneapolis
18. Kevin Stroede Milwaukee
19. Nick Gibbons Chicago
20. Otto Minneapolis
21. Marko Mpls/Madison
22. Gene-O Minneapolis
23. Araby Minneapolis
24. Dave C. Madison
25. Tim Gellerman Minneapolis
26. Noah Kaufman Minneapolis
27. Jim Oliver ?
28. Shaggy Milwaukee Stupor Champ
29. Sam Tracy Minneapolis
30. Danielle Olson Minneapolis
31. Patrick Moen Minneapolis 2nd Stupor
32. Petar Brinson Madison
33. Todd Philadelphia 3rd Stupor
34. Darrell Berg Minneapolis
35. Eric Schuller Minneapolis
36. Theo Minneapolis
37. Deevil Minneapolis
38. Vladimir Lenin Minneapolis
39. Jeff Minneapolis
40. Teddie Chicago

Finishing with a special rocknroll show at The Triple Rock with Signal to Trust, The Skinnys, and The Vets. 5pm, a measly $2. 21+ (doin' it for the kids).