Monday, December 01, 2003

StuporBowl 6

Some said it would never happen. Since the inception of this race, the date has turned from the coldest day of the year to one of the warmest of the winter. With the coldest October on record revealing itself not as a prelude to what was to come, but really just what was to come, hopes were fading fast for a cold Stupor Bowl. But hope was not lost.

It was sunny, but it was cold. Finally. Not real cold; closer to, "everything's melting" than, "too cold to snow", but still a lot better than previous years. A relatively fresh blanket of white and dry covered the landscape with the accompanying spots of brown and slippery covering the streets. All in all, excellent conditions for a messenger race.

Despite the sun and a lovely view of the city, riders were not quite as inclined to stand around and mingle as in previous years. Who knew why? There were always new faces and some old ones who come out of the woodwork to enjoy the start, even to race. Milwaukee, San Francisco and Lincoln (Nebraska!) were representing. Heck, Chicago finally came back. Maybe they didn't want to break down and let slip their secret routing, an easy possibility with the lo-tech truth serum that was flowing free. Maybe they were all itching for ink at Twilight Tattoo. Or to wrestle the infamous, "Girl Arm" and take a roll of the dice at Muddy Waters or eat a dill pickle potato chip at the Sculpture Garden. Rumors of unknown humiliation at the Hoophouse abounded, helped along by vague secrecy of the organizers. But how could they have known the delights that awaited them? Everyone, of course, wanted their shot at Jay and Liz who both were racing for their third consecutive titles.

Could be it was that their feet were turning into iceblocks. Who can say with the kids these days.

In any case, with 59 entrants, the race went off a bit after 3pm.

The stops:

  • Palmer's Bar - 500 Cedar Avenue South
  • Dunn Brother's Coffee - 925 Nicollet Mall
  • The Hoophouse - 2517 16th Avenue South
  • La Pantura - 650 25th Avenue SE #420
  • Twilight Tattoo - 3054 Bloomington Avenue South

  • The Witches Tower - University Avenue SE between Malcolm and Clarence
  • Muddy Waters Cafe - 2401 Lyndale Avenue South
  • Garrettshaus - 1000 University Avenue SE, House #19
  • Upper Mississippi Lock and Dam - One South Portland
  • Walker Sculpture Garden - 726 Vineland Place
  • Skyway Lounge - 725 Hennepin Avenue
  • Big Brick Building - 1224 Quincy Avenue NE #300

Finish: The Hub Bicycle Co-op

The Final Standings:

Open division
1. Jay Gropen (manifest)1hr 9min 20secMinneapolisFirst Fixie
2. Martin Rudnick1:15:25Minneapolis
3. Steve Rowntree1:16:55MinneapolisFirst Civilian
4. Erin Willingham1:16:56ChicagoFirst From Afar
5. Sean Nelson1:21:21Minneapolis
6. Gabe Flowers1:21:37Miilwaukee
7. Dale Bowles1:24:35Minneapolis
8. Paul1:24:56Minneapolis
9. Greg Degrace1:25:03Minneapolis
10. Nick Lippert1:25:56Chicago
11. Mike Morell1:25:58Chicago
12. Sven1:26:25Minneapolis
13. Matt Allen1:28:05Minneapolis
14. Tat1:28:10Minneapolis
15. Kevin S.
16. Mike Brauer
17. Jordan Hermann
18. Andy Larson
19. Mike Harris
20. Herbie Green
21. Chris C.
22. Eric Sovern
23. Conor
24. Carlos
25. Jameson
26. Eric
27. Peter Diantoni
28. Bill Morgan
29. Eli
30. Dan S.
31. Joel H.
32. Tim F. Gellerman
33. Mark Finn
34. Shaggy
35. Black Rob
36. B-rad
37. Mike
San FranciscoD.F.L.

Women's division
1. Maty Sauter (manifest)1:28:28MinneapolisFixie (14th overall)
2. Araby Williams1:31:53Minneapolis(15th overall)
3. Amy Campbell
4. Kristine
MinneapolisFirst Civilian Woman
5. Guenevere

First to Twilight Tattoo
$50 gift certificate
Local: Amy Campbell
Visitor: Kevin S., Milwaukee

Asskickinest Prize
For riding from the third stop to the finish with a flat front tire
Carlos, Minneapolis

Excellent prizes and supported donated by:

Twilight Tattoo

Surly Bikes

Blazing Saddles Bicycle Messenger

One on One Bicycle Studio

Palmer's Bar

The Hub Bicycle Co-op

The Grease Pit

Friday the 24th
evening - 1am (bar close)Welcome Party and Art Show Closing

Palmer's Bar and Grease Pit Bike Shop

500 Cedar Avenue South

Registration and cruisersprint qualifying

Saturday the 25th
1-2:30pmRegistration at Blazing Saddles office

11 S. 12th Street #102
2:30-3pmRegistration moves to Boom Island Park

8th Avenue NE and Old Man River (Plymouth Bridge)
3pmStart the Holiday Tour of The City (aka alleycat action)
3pm-???Finish at The Hub Bicycle Co-op
post finishRocknrollpartyaction

2323 27th Avenue South

Cruisersprint qualifiers and finals
9:30pmMusic by The Lentils, The Bleeding Hickeys, Monkeypaw, and The Vets
recorded dance hits to follow
Sunday the 26th
all dayHeck if I care, you're not my responsibility anymore